Sally Seltmann

I’d Like To Thank These Wonderful People

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who worked on the film clip for my song ‘Billy’.

The clip was directed by Nelson Alves, and Kimberley Forbes was on hair and makeup, and yes, she was responsible for that incredible wig!

We shot the clip in a house in Bankstown, Sydney, and those dancing scenes were shot at 5am in the morning. I think I was half asleep!

Extra special thanks to Romance Was Born for providing some of the amazing clothes. You can check out their latest collection here:

It’s always such a pleasure working with incredibly talented people.
Below is a full list of the creative team.

Thank you!

Directed by Nelson Alves
DOP: Tim Tregoning
1st AD: Claire Madiot
1st AC: Sam de Teglia
2nd AC: Justin Lawson
Grip: David Griffiths
Gaffer: Shannon Lee Ashwood
Hair/Make Up: Kimberley Forbes
Art Direction: Nelson Alves
Post production: According to Nelson

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